Elliot Lake Amateur Radio Club

Our Club has been part of the community since the late 50's. We are an Elite Group of Radio Operators, We Are Federally Licensed and always on alert mode.We help out in the community and any time disaster strikes. Our Club has approximatly 25-30 members  who are all great people.We are always looking for new faces in this vast growing industry. We welcome young and old .  We gather together for events such as the Christmas parade to help with traffic flow , and also on halloween as a patrol to keep order for our children and to make them safe .We hold such events as field days along with picnics to inspire newcomers into our Club. We will be holding alot more in the near future. We have adopted a foxhunt into our club as well.We all enjoy what we do and look forward to helping newcomers as well. We have alot of people with great knowlegde and are always building or tinkering with something or another. We hope to see alot more newcomers into Amateur Radio as well as our Club. 73's to you all.